Fell in love with cooking after my divorce. I now cook for friends and family most weekends and not poisoned anyone yet.


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Susan H

Josh P

I became a bit of a health freak - so stopped eating fast food and started cooking with fresh ingredients.

Lorna C

Always loved cooking for my family and friends. It is the ultimate therapy for me - even before shopping. Found this site and been working my way through the recipes.

Kate thecook


If you saw my waistline, you will realise how much I love cooking. So many new recipes ideas that I often don't know which one to do first.


Started to try and help with wife with all of the cooking but enjoyed it so much I now do the most - love it.


Fed up with buying cookery books when this is so much easier. Trying to save money by cooking instead of takeaways and this site is helping me do that.