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Question: How to Submit a Recipe?

Answer: It is very simple to load a recipe into our website. Click Here to open the instruction notes.

Question: Is this website free to use?

Answer: Yes. You will never be charged for using any part of this website.

Question: What happens to the income from the advertisements?

Answer: All profits are donated to Animal Rescues.

Question: Can I nominate a Rescue Charity?

Answer: Yes. You have to be a member and have loaded at least 5 recipes.

Question : Can I submit a recipe?

Answer: Yes. You can submit as many recipes as you wish. There is no restriction.

Question : Can I submit comments and reviews of the recipes?

Answer: Yes. All you need to do is be a registered member, which is FREE, and you can comment on them all if you wish.

Question : How to find a recipe?

Answer : Click Here to open the instructions.

Question : How do I become a registered Member?

Answer : Very simple. To become a registered Member, you need to complete the registration form and confirm your email address.

Question : What will you do with my details?

Answer : We will NEVER sell, loan, give or transmit your information to anyone. You may receive the occasional email from us to notify you of any changes or comments regarding you account.

Question : Can I change my password?

Answer : You can change your password via the settings section of your personal account. You can also change the registered email address from this section.

Question : Are all recipes approved?

Answer : All recipes are reviewed for approval by the panel. If there are any issues with a submission then you will be contacted.