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Written by Gryphon

I created this website after moving house one day. It wasn’t until I unpacked all of my boxes to realise I had over thirty cookery books from most major television chef and household names from around the globe.
When I calculated how much money I had spent , it was one of those OMG moments. It was then that I decided a website would be the best way to go in order to learn more recipes and help others share those that they have enjoyed over the years. The members have already loaded over a 1,000 recipes already and increasing every day.

Unlike so many other websites around, everybody who helps on this site is a volunteer, nobody gets paid. All profits from the advertisement and visitors are donated to Animal Rescue Centres.

There are several methods to find a recipe that will make life easier.

a) Click on the “Recipe” option in the menu at the top and base of each page.

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b) Click on the search option at the top of the screen and also on the right hand side.

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c) Click on the Category option down arrow on the right hand side of the screen and choose the item you wish to view.

d) Click on the Tab option, also on the right hand side of screen, for the most popular items viewed.

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e) When viewing a recipe, you can click on any ingredient to be taken to all recipes that contain that ingredient.

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