What can I say. I am someone who like most, struggle to cook anything of quality on a frequent basis. I didn’t know enough recipes, despite all of the cookery books, to be able to open the fridge and say “Oh yes I will cook this tonight”, instead of picking up the phone to order a takeaway! My abilities at cooking were a mix of being incapable and pure luck. I could never cook anything so that it looked like it did in the books. So our recipes are easier to prepare and cook to start with and have used a difficulty rating from “Even I can do it” up to “Difficult”. After all every little bit helps.


What better reason is there apart from the fact that we need to eat to survive. The tastier the food the better and beans on toast is only appealing for a certain period of time before depression will set in. There are so many programmes on tv at all time of the day and night that show gorgeous food. It has been amazing how we have gone from a few recipes up to over 1,000 in such a short period of time.

People from around the world have contributed through our user interface so if you would like to contribute then everything is free.

A Clean Sheet

As with a lot of people who get divorced, one of the things you realise you took for granted was a well cooked meal. I attended numerous cookery classes that all seemed to do the same recipes over and over again which cost more and more money. I then decided to list all of the recipes I knew and my friends added theirs. It fast became obvious that buying one cook book after another was a waste of money and space when you can use this website for free.