These are the Instructions to submit your favourite recipes to share with the world. I have made the instructions as clear as possible but if you have any comment or queries then please contact me and I will respond ASAP.


This is of course where you type the name of your recipe. I tend to use the normal name with a tag at the end such as:- “Seafood Lasagna” becomes “Seafood Lasagna – Mike Style”. This way it stands out a bit more and still gets included in all of the search parameters.


When you are a member, you can collect all of your recipes into a volume that you can search. Visitors to the site who like your recipes etc. can also search using your name.


You are free to upload an image of the finished product in this section. This will be the image that appears on the search routines, recipe database and on the recipe page itself. I can help you change the size of the image if you are not sure. Just let me know.


To enable all users, both members and visitors, to search the database of recipes using more than just the recipe name, I have included several options using a dropdown box. They are used in the same way and you can select a single entry or more than one if you prefer. These options are:-

Food Catagory -

Courses:- Brunch, Breakfast, Kids, Snack , Main Course etc.

Cuisines:- English, French, American, Russian etc.

Difficulty:- Easy, Medium, Even I Can Do It, etc.

Category:- Rice, Pasta, Eggs, Soup, Fruit, Dairy, Chicken etc.



This is just up to you. You can enter as much as you like but one thing I have noticed is that people spend more time on a recipe when there is a brief description of where it came from and what it reminds you of. The box is adaptive so you can type away.

Description of your recipe -


This is the box the is changed the most by the person loading the recipe. The number of stars you enter on this screen is for your view only and will not affect the users reviews. 

Recipe Rating - On;


This is divided into two sections.

The first box is for the number of people the recipe will serve or the number of cakes it will make or the number of cocktails it will produce etc. and is only a NUMBER.

The second box relates to the unit such as people, cakes, loaves, litres, cups, servings etc.

Recipe Servings -


Again divided into two sections.

The first box is a number as in 1 or 45 or 3 and relates to the number of minutes, hours or day etc. and should only be a number.

The second box relates to the unit of time as in minutes, days, weeks and hours etc.

Recipe Preparation Time - On;


Self explanatory and like the Prep Time boxes is divided into two sections.

The first box is a number as in 1 or 45 or 3 and relates to the number of minutes, hours or day etc. and should only be a number.

The second box relates to the unit of time as in minutes, days, weeks and hours etc.

Cook Time -


This solely relates to the time spent, not prepping or cooking but the time taken for recipes to chill, marinate, relax, mature etc.

Recipe Passive Time -


As the screen shows, this is divided into four parts but completed methodically, is very easy and a lot of ingredients can be added quickly.

Recipe Ingredients - Onlinerecipe.websiteThe Quantity relates to the number of teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, kilos, etc.

The Unit relates to whether it be a teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, etc

The Ingredient has been updated so all you need to do is click on the down arrow on the right hand side and a lit of all ingredients is available to you. Just select the one you want and it is automatically loaded in. You DON’T have to scroll down to an item, just press the first letter and it will take you to every ingredient that starts with it.

The Notes section has been added in case you wanted to make a comment and is not compulsory.

To add another ingredient, you can click on the “Add an Ingredient “ option on the screen below

New Ingredient - Onlinerecipe.websiteThis will load another line for you to enter another ingredient. There is no limit to the number of ingredients you need to post.

Ingredients - Onlinerecipe.websiteThe little “minus” sign appears so that you can remove it if necessary.

If you were entering a recipe that was in two parts and required different ingredients you can divide the ingredient up by clicking on the “Add an Ingredient Group” option. This gives you the chance to enter a sub list. An example in shown below:

Ingredient Group -

When the ingredients are entered you need to let people know what to do with them. The procedure is identical to loading in the ingredients except you are typing instructions.

Recipe Instructions - Onlinerecipe.websiteIn the instruction section, you can add additional images as you prep and cook your recipe if you wish. This is optional.

As in the Ingredient section, you can add an additional instruction and instruction group for example making a cheese sauce separately from the cooking of a chicken breast.

New Recipe Instruction -


You don’t have to complete this section if you don’t want to. It is used if you have any hints and tips on a procedure or suggestions for a variation (lamb instead of chicken)

Recipe Notes -


This is simply to prevent computer spammers from inundating the system. Just type the answer into the box provided.


When you click this button, your recipe is sent to a group of moderators to make sure that the rules have been abided by. This is normally a quick process depending on volume received but will always be as quick as possible.

Thank you and don’t forget you can upload as many recipes as you like. Please tell your friends about our site as the more people visit this site, the more money raised for Animal Rescues.