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Breakfast and Brunch

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Breakfast and Brunch are so close, we grouped them together. Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. An amazing range of recipes from simple toast, cereals, egg dishes and meat dishes. We have recipes that can be eaten at home and on the go. A full meal or a Porridge Fruit Smoothies to have on the way to work, we have them. Furthermore why settle for additive filled boxed cereal when you can have a fresh tasty healthy option instead.  Fruit Pancakes, Cheese and onion waffles or breakfast scones sound better than a bowl of tasteless processed food.

Brunch – A strange meal: later than breakfast but too early to be called lunch. Brunch has been a dic tat of the more wealthier households who don’t need to work and rise later than most. In recent times however, it has become more popular at weekends to brunch with the family and friends. The entire menu appears to revolve around the concept of not being as filling compared to a lunch but heavier than a breakfast to keep you going till dinner. to the phenomenon of an entire menu being created i.e Eggs Benedict.

Breakfast and Brunch Recipes