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Written by Gryphon
Starters, Appetizers and Entrees tend to be smaller portions of a larger dish and often involve cold recipes (prawns, gazpacho, salmon etc.).  Depending on where you are, starters tend not to be spicy or powerful in case it smothers the other courses. This course is often the hardest course to prepare for due to it setting the standard of what is to come.
It always used to be a popular course but fell out of favour in the 1990’s. I blame the “Prawn Cocktail”!!!  However, it is making a comeback and the range of recipes is amazing. We have collected a diverse range of recipes from our members and the library is growing everyday. Some of these recipes have become firm favourites in my household especially the seafood starters.
All three words have the same meaning just from a different cuisine viewpoint. The word entrée in French originally denoted the “entry” of the dishes from the kitchens into the dining hall. In France, the modern restaurant menu meaning of “entrée” is the course that precedes the main course. This is the course which in British usage is often called the “starter” and in American usage the “appetizer”.

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