Category - Oceania

Australasia is a term used to describe a region within Oceania. We have included the Australia and New Zealand. In addition the island of New Guinea, which consists of the Indonesian provinces of Papua and Papua Barat. Also the independent country of Papua New Guinea.

These cuisines have been influenced by their geography. With an abundance of sea water, the diet involved fish and indigenous wildlife until explorers landed. They introduced beef, lamb and pork into the diet and turned vast areas of land into cattle farms. Australia and New Zealand has vast areas still used for cattle farming.

Modern day Australasia has been influenced by Asian countries including Thailand, Japan, China and Malaysia. They have brought spices, rice and noodles to create an all round cuisine.  The cuisines is still heavily seafood based around the coastal areas and meat based inland. The surrounding warm waters has made the region a haven for seafood. Whilst the cattle farms have flourished in land. This region has become a perfect area for a mixed cuisine. This area of the world is the capital of BBQ.