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Haddock is a white sea-fish found in the North Atlantic that is a member of the cod family only slightly smaller but firmer.

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Second only to cod in popularity, haddock is a much smaller fish than cod but with a sweeter flavour. Haddock has iron-grey skin and a silvery belly with a distinctive black line running the length of the fillet. There is also a black spot at the top end of the fillet. The fish has flaky flesh, slightly firmer to cod. The fish are available whole or as steaks and fillets and also fresh or frozen. It has similar uses to cod and included in many recipes such as Smoked Haddock on Toasted Cheese and New England Fish Stew. It can also be substituted by  white fish such as pollack or coley which are more sustainable. An Arbroath smokie is a whole wood-smoked haddock.