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French Cuisine is one of the leading cuisines in the world. It has brought the world great recipes such as Moules Mariniere with Garlic, Cream and Parsley. Salade NicoiseSteak au Poivre, and Brioche. They pride themselves on making mealtime a memorable and positive experience. Four courses are typically served at lunches and dinners. Normally being a salad, a main dish with meat, cheese with bread, and dessert.  Special occasions include even more courses such as an appetizer of savoury pastries, or other finger foods. This is normally served with an alcoholic beverage, normally French wine and several bottles can be consumed easily.

Furthermore, the French consider eating out is a social occasion, and is a leisurely activity. A lot of businesses close between 12pm and 2pm to allow for a leisurely lunch whilst dinner is often served after 8pm. Unlike a lot of other countries, the main meal is not dinner, but lunch hence the extended closure.