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Anchovies are a common small salt-water forage fish found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.  Anchovies are usually classified as an oily fish and are small, green fish with blue reflections. They are normally used as a seasoning more than as a fish ingredient.Anchovy - TheRecipe.Website

They range from 2 centimetres (0.79 in) to 40 centimetres (16 in) in adult length. To allow the anchovies to mature, they are normally preserved in brine and then pack them in oil or salt. Most people will recognise the small oval tins. This results in a characteristic strong flavour and the flesh turns deep grey. Today they are used in small quantities to flavour a dishes rather than be a main ingredient. Dishes such as Italian Shrimp with Pistachio Sauce – Gamberi con salsa di pistachio or Grilled Tuna in Anchovy Sauce use anchovies as a seasoning.  Also they are also an ingredient in several sauces, including Worcestershire sauce, remoulade and many fish sauces. Anchovies are also a popular pizza topping.