Category - Cuisine

A cuisine is a style of cooking adapted for a specific region and/or country. It is affected by ingredients, techniques and dishes connected to a culture and geographical region. Not to forget, local ingredients and those available through trade, religious food laws  (Hindu, Islamic and Jewish Dietary laws etc.) all exercise a influence on a cuisine. A further influence is climate, a warmer climate would be fruit and vegetable based whilst colder would be meat and fish.  This effected the ability to store food. The ability to preserve food whether it be through smoking, curing or pickling is important in all cuisines.

The cuisines from North America to Asia are different as you would imagine. However, some neighbouring countries have vastly different cuisines due to foreign intervention. Many European countries have had an effect of foreign cuisines.

New cuisines have appeared over time such as Novelle and Fusion which have been adapted into many countries cuisines. Fusion is a mix of several cuisines on a single plate without there being a dominant one. Novelle paid more attention to presentation whilst the amount of food reduced drastically.